Births for Monday, Jan. 6

Staff Report



Shanice Boney and John Middleton: of York, Jan. 1, a son.

Dominique Leonard and Saikeem Smallwood: of York, Jan. 2, a son.

Elizabeth (Resh) and Mitchell Brunner: of York, Jan. 2, a daughter.

Ellena and Oscar Valencia: of York, Jan. 2, a son.

Tabatha Cushman and Jared Feight: of York, Jan. 2, a son.

Christina Gonzalez and Jordan Brown: of York, Jan. 3, a son.

Chelsea and Caleb Enerson: of Hanover, Jan. 3, a daughter.

Erica Isennock and Cisneros-Watson: of New Freedom, Jan. 3, a daughter.

Lindsey (Campbell) and Michael Nalls: of Wrightsville, Jan. 3, a son.

Ruth (Gangloff) and Warren Hursh: of Mount Wolf, Jan. 3, a daughter.

Kayla (Elliott) and Eliot Lopez-Enriquez: of New Oxford, Jan. 3, a son.

Michelle (Rouscher) and David Wilson, Jr.: of York, Jan. 4, a daughter.