Births for Thursday, Jan. 2

Staff Report



Brooke (Myers) and Alan Thoman: of York, Dec. 28, a son.

Jayeneca (Bailey) and Brandon Elby: of York, Dec. 29, a daughter.

Christina Gopear and Tyler Imschweiler: of Etters, Dec. 30, a son.

Ashly Rodriguez: of York, Dec. 30, a daughter.

Kayla (Carbaugh) and Philip Dehoff: of Spring Grove, Dec. 30, a daughter.

Janay Manigault and Brad Jackson: of York, Dec. 30, a son.

Shannon (Clayton) and Ryan Eshelman: of Wrightsville, Dec. 31, a daughter.

Jennifer (Fiorentino) and Peter Hassa: of York, Dec. 31, a son.