Local obituaries for Friday, Dec. 27

Staff Report
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Anderson, Jean

Annesley, Ronald

Blackwell, James

Brenneman, Marie

Craig, Jack

Fishel, Donna

Foreman, Mable

Geesey, Robert

Goodfellow, Marguerite

Grove, Donald

Jacobs, Josephine

Keezel, Charles

Keith, Clinton

Kuhns, Donald

Learn, Mary

McMaster, Mark

Meckley, Robert

Mellinger, Donald

Michalak, Jerry

Miller, Craig

Miller, David

Mitzel, Sandra

Moody, Bryant

Murrow, Madelyn

Richards, Lewis

Sciangula, George

Shenberger, Joyce

Stabley, Ervin

Stergiou, Vasilios

Taylor, Jonathan

Watkins, Mary

Zeigler, Gayle