Births for Monday, Nov. 4

Staff Report



Frances Irizarry Figueroa and Gabriel Rosado Torres: of York, Oct. 28, a son.

Ashley (Rudisill) and Adam Cherry: of York, Oct. 29, a son.

Chantel (Piatt) and Derek Terry: of York, Oct. 30, a son.

Marissa Svay and Oscar Rossum, Jr.: of York, Oct. 30, a son.

Alyssa (Shaw) and Joseph Royer: of Wrightsville, Oct. 30, a daughter.

Tiffaney Jacks and Marquis Brooks: of Hanover, Oct. 31, a daughter.

Michelle and Clifford Carroll: of Dover, Oct. 31, a daughter.

Yamari Cora-Conde and Pedro A. Colon, Jr.: of York, Oct. 31, a daughter.

Keaira Brannen and Bailey Custer: of Shippensburg, Nov. 1, a daughter.

KayLei Wright: of Delta, Nov. 1, a son.