A $258,000 overhaul of the intersections of Eastern Boulevard and Haines Road and Kingston and Edgewood roads are part of a sweeping 20-year plan aimed at easing congestion and reducing the number of accidents, officials said.

The analysis, approved unanimously Thursday by the Springettsbury Township Board of Supervisors, includes a mix of projects that officials might consider in future years, such as a roundabout at Mount Zion Road and Colonial Farm Lane. 

"We think we have a very good plan that will be practical and implementable," said Ben Marchant, township manager. 

The plan, drawn up by McMahon Transportation Engineers & Planners, included a list of several key intersections in the township from which officials can pick for future projects.

Examples of potential improvements included the intersections of Mount Zion Road and Druck Valley Road, Mount Zion Road and the Springettsbury Municipal Complex/Galleria mall, and Memory Lane near Eastern Market.

Marchant said in future budget years, the township could decide to add a suggested project to its five-year capital improvement plan. 

He added that residents shouldn't expect to see any changes happen immediately. 

"Of course, if residents are interested in a plan and they think certain projects are a priority, they should let the township know," Marchant said. 

Right now, the township is considering several projects, including intersection improvements at Eastern Boulevard and Haines Road and at Kingston and Edgewood roads and extending Davies Drive across the railroad tracks. 

Both the Eastern Boulevard and Haines Road project and the Kingston and Edgewood roads project have grants from the state, at $143,538 and $63,428, respectively. Both grants require a 30% local match.

With both intersection projects in the design phase, Marchant said the township expects construction should be completed in 2020.

Christopher Bauer, general manager for McMahon Transportation Engineers & Planners, said a roundabout near Mount Zion Road and Colonial Farm Lane could benefit traffic flow. 

Though the board was skeptical, Bauer said the addition of a roundabout could alleviate traffic concerns caused by trucks using Mount Zion Road.

"It's a little bit of a stretch, but one of the things we did here was all the cut-through truck traffic that's using Mount Zion Road, that would be a pretty good traffic-counting measure to maybe deter some of that," Bauer said. 

In addition, he said, a roundabout on Mount Zion Road could eliminate the need for left-hand turns coming out of Deininger Road and Druck Valley, which is another recommended improvement plan for the township to consider. 

Board Chairman Mark Swomley said during Thursday's meeting that a roundabout is "really not serving any purpose other than putting a big speed bump in Mount Zion on the way down the hill."

Marchant added that the roundabout project is not one the township is considering at the moment, though he thinks it is an interesting proposal to consider. 

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