Next spring, be on the lookout for an abundance of butterflies fluttering toward Emig Park in Hallam. 

With the help from residents and members of the Hallam Borough Council, a butterfly garden will be established to help attract caterpillars and butterflies to the area. 

"You don't see many (butterflies) anymore," said Cindy Knox, a member of the Hallam Borough Council. "It's a good idea for the borough."

Knox, the main advocate for the garden, was initially approached a few months ago by a Hallam resident who thought a butterfly garden would be a good addition to Emig Park, 221 S. Prospect St.

Since then, a plot of land has been dug up and perennials have been planted. 

On Saturday, Oct. 19, several residents and children helped with planting milkweed, butterfly weed, black-eyed susans, coneflowers and several lilac bushes.

In addition to flowers, a large stone pathway will be constructed once flowers start to grow, Knox said. 

A large sign for identifying different butterfly species will also be considered for the future of the site, she added. 

As for maintaining the garden, Knox said she will be taking responsibility for watering and keeping the plants healthy. 

"It's just something I love to do," Knox said. "I have always been a nature person."

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