Two men unintentionally tried to bring guns through a security checkpoint at Harrisburg International Airport this week, according to officials.

The Transportation Security Administration said in a news release that a Chambersburg man tried to bring a loaded .40-caliber handgun in his backpack while he attempted to go through a security checkpoint the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 25.

The gun was not loaded, the release states.

A Salt Lake City man tried to bring a handgun and ammunition through a security checkpoint on Monday, Sept. 23, according to the release.

He had a 9mm handgun, two magazines and a box of 50 additional rounds in his carry-on bag while he entered the checkpoint X-ray machine, the TSA said.

In both instances, it appeared as though the men unintentionally brought the guns in, according to Scott Miller, spokesman for Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority.

The TSA contacted SARAA's police department when the guns were found, and the department is handling the incidents.

Miller said the man found with the gun Wednesday had his license to carry. The man will be charged with disorderly conduct, he said. 

The Monday incident is still being investigated, according to Miller, who said the investigation is more involved since the man is from out of state.

To date there have been four guns caught at the checkpoint at the airport this year, according to authorities.

Last year six guns were found at the airport, the TSA said.

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