Mosquitoes in Conewago and Springetts test positive for West Nile virus

Lindsey O'Laughlin
York Dispatch
West Nile virus is often found in open containers left in backyards.

Two more mosquito samples in York County — this time in Conewago and Springettsbury townships — have tested positive for West Nile virus, the county announced Friday, Sept. 13.

The samples were collected Friday, Sept. 6. This is the fifth round of samples in York County to test positive for the virus in 2019.

Mosquitoes collected Thursday, Sept. 5, in Hanover, York City and Fairview and Manchester townships tested positive for West Nile.

Other mosquito samples that tested positive for the virus were collected Aug. 29 in York City and July 29 in Springettsbury Township. And an American crow collected Aug. 5 in Hanover also tested positive.

The York County Mosquito Surveillance Program and state Department of Environmental Protection have been testing additional samples and reducing larval populations in the those areas.

The best way to control the mosquito population is for residents and property owners to clean up debris on their property and eliminate standing or stagnant water that collects in swimming pools, discarded tires or other containers, according to a news release.

York County residents should take precautions when spending time outdoors, such as wearing insect repellent or bringing a portable fan outside to keep mosquitoes away.

Residents who have concerns about mosquitoes in their area can submit a report through the Pennsylvania West Nile virus website at or contact the York County Mosquito Surveillance Program by calling 717-840-2375 or

Lee Graybill, program administrator for the county's mosquito surveillance program, was not immediately available for comment.

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