The Conewago Township Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday, Sept. 3, to approve the land development for the construction of a community center in the Greenbriar Estates development. 

The center will include an office, storage rooms and a recreation area that can be rented out for events.

"I think when it's done, it's definitely going to add a lot to that community," said Dominic Wiker, asset manager for Greenbriar Estates. "It's going to provide an amenity and a focus for everyone living there."

With more than 180 townhouses in Greenbriar Estates, 227 Dietz Estates Drive, the center will be a private space for the residents of the property.

With final plans approved, building permits need to be filed in order for construction to begin, officials said.

Currently, the final design of the space is being worked through and property managers are starting to look at costs, with a hope to start construction in spring 2020, Wiker said.

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