The York Revolution has a new member on the team — and he has four legs, a long bushy tail and piercing blue eyes that could melt anyone's heart.

Blue the Siberian Husky is the newest addition to the York Revolution family, succeeding Boomer, the mixed-breed rescue that had served as the team's dog for 10 seasons.

"Like Boomer was, Blue is a young puppy, so we look forward to getting him trained up and showing him the ropes around the ballpark," said Doug Eppler,  director of marketing and communications. "We were fortunate that Blue was available."

Similar to Boomer, the York Revolution officials contacted the York County SPCA and inquired about potential dogs to fill Boomer's shoes.

Primarily, they look for a dog that showed signs it would be friendly, be unaffected by crowds and be affectionate and teachable.

While Eppler said it is still too early to tell if Blue fits all of the characteristics the baseball team is looking for, the staff members who have met him all agree he's a good choice to follow in Boomer's footsteps.

"Everybody realizes that Boomer's been doing this for almost 10 years now," Eppler said. "I think (fans) are glad to hear we're going to find a successor who will carry on Boomer's legacy ⁠— not every team has a furry little ambassador."

The York Revolution is looking for families who are willing to become Blue's foster family. 

The chosen family must be readily available to chaperone Blue for York Revolution appearances. 

"They need to be aware of and up to the task as 'Blue's people,'" said Eppler, referring to Blue's future family as his personal bodyguards.

Applications will be available on the York Revolution's website by the end of the week. Any questions can be directed to  General Manager John Gibson, at

"What we got in Boomer is an amazingly lovable little member of the team," said Eppler. "The impression they got was that (Blue's) going to be the right kind of dog for us."

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