Post: Customers at ice cream shop safe during police incident in Newberry Twp.

Staff report

10:21 p.m. update: All customers and staff at Reesers Soft Ice Cream are safe as the police incident winds down, according to a post on the shop's Facebook page.

"We were given as much information as possible by law enforcement assets early on and we offered to close the shop, evacuate personnel/staff and provide the parking lot as base of operations/triage point if necessary. We informed all customers about what we knew and gave them the option to leave or stay as they saw fit. At no time were we or any of our customers in danger. Many, many thanks for the folks that called, texted or messaged their concerns about our safety. All is well here," the post said.

Fire police continue to be posted at Old Rossville Road; the ice cream shop is at 880 Old Rossville Road.

Previously reported: Roads in Newberry Township were being shut down Tuesday night for a police incident, according to York County 911.

Fire police were being called to Old Rossville Road in the area of Bull Road and Rossville Road just after 9 p.m. Tuesday to stop traffic, according to the 911 webcad. 

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