Need-To-Know: Friday's mid-morning news

Olivia Miller
York Dispatch
Northern York County Regional Police Explorer Malachi Buer, 15 of Red Lion, yells commands while taking part in shoot, no-shoot scenarios using the MEGGITT interactive shooting system hosted by members of the PA National Guard, Thursday, July 25, 2019. 
John A. Pavoncello photo

Welcome to Friday!

The weather is much like the rest of this week - hot and humid. In the low 70s to the high 80s throughout the day, peaking around 3 p.m. During the day there's around 96 percent humidity, but by nightfall, the temperature and humidity will be comfortable. 

What's new today?

Wrestling champion and York native, BJ Walker, is the subject of a York production company's, Washington Winnoana Images, next film

A candidate for York County Sheriff, Shane Becker, said he decided to run for office because of his concerns with security

Stewartstown Summer Theatre's Production is performing "Singin' in the Rain" - check out the pictures

There have been six killings committed by five Pennsylvania parolees over the past two months, and it's under investigation

In baseball, East Prospect beat York Township on Thursday. 

York County's Law Enforcement Explorers Program teach youth what it's like to be a police officer - find out more

A world famous pizza place opened in York City - see the photographs

A district judge in northwestern Pennsylvania made a mistake resulting in "hundreds" of people having inaccurate criminal records. 

3D printers are saving lives - learn more. 

Puerto Rico's governor resigned on Wednesday after weeks of angry protests. 

The death penalty will now be enforced on federal death row inmates after a previous two-decade moratorium. 

York High's Yyrell Whitt - his love of the game, and his love for his brother. 

Other Need-To-Knows:

A 20-year-old York man was kidnapped and later shot at a Manchester Township motel by three individuals who were actually looking for the victim's brother.  

Around 50 people attended a hearing on Tuesday to discuss the risk of a Dauphin County nuclear facility on Three Mile Island. 

A 54-year-old Lancaster County woman was charged with stealing $150,000 in cash and real estate. 

At York City's town hall on Wednesday, the mayor proposed ideas and citizens agreed in stark contrast to previous meetings. 

A 76-year-old Florida man is said to have shot a relative in West Manheim Township on Sunday night. 

U.S. Rep. Scott Perry's town hall meeting next week is only for citizen's with identification saying they live in the 10th Congressional District.