Goose gets stuck in pizza driver’s car grille

In this Saturday, July 20, 2019, photograph provided by Esther Lotz a goose is stuck in the grille of a pizza delivery driver's car in Burlington, Vt. The delivery man slammed on his brakes when he saw the goose waddling across the road, and heard a thud when he struck the bird.

BURLINGTON, Vt. — Authorities say a goose that got stuck in a pizza delivery driver’s car grille in Vermont is expected to make a full recovery.

Driver Ryan Harrington tells WCAX-TV he saw a goose waddling across the road in Burlington on Saturday. He slammed his brakes, but heard a thud and knew he struck the bird. But he wasn’t prepared to see it stuck in his car — and alive — when he returned to work.

His manager got through to a police dispatcher who alerted authorities and a nonprofit animal rescue group. The fire department arrived to help free the goose, named Roberto, or Roberta if it’s a girl.

The goose was taken to a wildlife rehabber, who says it may have a broken pelvis but is expected to recover.