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Emergency warning test coming Thursday

Exelon Generation, in conjunction with Rittenhouse Astronomical Society, unveiled a new astronomy observatory and program at Muddy Run Park, Lancaster County, on Oct. 22. Pictured is an artist rendering of the observatory.

An electric generating station will test its emergency warning system in several counties including York on Thursday.

Muddy Run Pumped Storage Facility in Lancaster County, owned by Exelon Generation, will run the test about 10 a.m. for approximately two minutes on Thursday, July 11.

"A brief tone will sound, followed by the words 'this is a test, this is a test'," according to a news release, compared to a real emergency, in which residents would hear, “this is an emergency, please move to higher ground."

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The test was designed to warn homeowners who live upstream and downstream of the facility along Conowingo Pond. Loudspeakers were installed in Drumore Township, in Lancaster County, and Lower Chanceford and Peach Bottom townships in York County.

Muddy Run's emergency system is routinely tested every three months.