York Water Co.'s Jeffrey Hines will retire early next year from his 12-year stint as president and turn over the reins to the current chief operating officer.

The board of directors has approved the appointment of JT Hand as president and chief executive officer, with the change to take effect March 1, 2020.

Hand will serve as the company's 22nd president. He has been the chief operating officer for 12 years.

"He'll be a superb president," said Hines, who's been working for York Water Co. for 30 years. 

Hines said it will be "great" to have a civil engineer in charge of York Water Co., as Hand will have a thorough understanding of water quality issues and customer satisfaction. 

In addition to his work with York Water Co., Hand served as the chairman of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Association of Water Companies and served with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for 22 years before retiring as a lieutenant colonel. He received a Bronze Star Medal for his services.

"He's a dynamic leader," Hines said.

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