York Catholic begins renovations with extra money from campaign

Olivia Miller
York Dispatch

York Catholic High School kicked off the first wave of its renovations with more support than anticipated. 

Steward & Tate Construction of York is taking over the project with the school's campaign "Grow Today, Impact Tomorrow."

It was estimated the campaign would raise about $4 million, but so far it has received about $6.5 million, which completely covers the renovations, according to principal Katie Seufert. 

"The success of the campaign is the reason we can do it," Seufert said. "We're really blessed to have community support beyond what we imagined."

The first half of renovations started May 29 with the groundbreaking ceremony, but the construction didn't begin until June 7, the day after the students' last day of school, according to Seufert. 

"Our students are absolutely amazing," Seufert said. "Yesterday, they helped us prepare the building for the construction to start."

This summer's construction includes renovating the classrooms from "floor to ceiling," installing air conditioning, adding an elevator and building a turf field, according to Seufert. 

Upgrading to a turf field will allow more teams to practice and play without the possibility of ruining the grass and worrying about maintenance, Seufert said. 

The first wave of renovations is planned to be mostly completed Aug. 20, with the exception of the new elevator, Seufert said. The elevator will be completed in the fall. 

Seufert said York Catholic hasn't had major construction since it was built in 1958, more than 60 years ago. 

"While our building has been maintained well over the years, it's time for our building to reflect the programs we offer, so the students can have the most successful environment," Seufert said. 

The second half of the construction will take place in summer 2020. It includes converting the study hall, chapel and library into a STEM wing as well as building a media center, college career counseling center and chapel for a student center, according to Seufert. 

Seufert said she expects the support to continue to be "phenomenal."

"We're so grateful to the community and alumni for their recognition of Catholic values," she said.