Coroner IDs woman found killed in York City Wednesday, releases cause of death

Peers remember 'charismatic' tattooist who died in motorcycle crash

Tina Locurto
York Dispatch
Celice Horan, of Carlisle, shows off two small tattoos done by Tyler Beaverson, on Friday, June 7.

Matt Crimmins said he hopes his friend and co-worker Tyler Beaverson comes back to haunt the Trident Tattoo Co.

Beaverson, 32, who died Thursday night in a motorcycle crash on Route 74, was a longtime  member of the close-knit family of tattoo artists and body piercers. 

"It'll suck not having him wander around here anymore, doing his thing," Crimmins, of Dover Township, said. 

Crimmins, who has multiple pieces done by "Beav," including a devil's pitchfork-inspired trident and an unfinished trick-or-treating bat, said it's nice to have a piece of artwork to remember his friend by, that he'll "be able to hold on to forever." 

Tyler Beaverson

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On Friday, employees of the tattoo company stood around the front desk, snacking on Pixy Stix, banana Laffy Taffy and Twizzlers, while erupting into laughter at the various stories and memories of Beaverson that were shared among the group.

Crimmons, near the group's edge, reached for a small, clear bottle that rested on the storefront's windowsill. "Gluten" was printed on the bottle's front.

Employees of Trident Tattoo Company pose at the front of the store for a photo on Friday, June 7.

He said this was a scary decoration Beaverson brought into the store around Halloween for Crimmons — who has a gluten allergy.

He said Beaverson was known by his "one-of-a-kind" humor.

"He was the type of person that would just be standing up here and be like, 'You wanna see me do a cartwheel?" Crimmins said. "He'd just bust out the worst-looking cartwheel you'd ever seen in your life."

Matt Crimmins, a good friend of Tyler Beaverson's, is the manager of Trident Tattoo Company. He sits and talks with co-workers about memories of Beaverson on Friday, June 7.

Beaverson had been with Trident since the company's founding in 2015. 

Scott Junkins, the owner of Trident Tattoo, asked Beaverson to join his company after finding out he was working out of his house as a tattoo artist.

"He's just always a wily dude," Junkins said, with a laugh. 

While sitting in bed Thursday night, Junkins saw a Facebook post about the crash. At the time, he wondered who it could be, he said. 

Those who knew him said Beaverson was known as a risk-taker.

Beaverson was southbound about 9 p.m. on Route 74 in Dover Township when he struck a northbound pickup making a left-hand turn, police said. Witnesses indicated Beaverson was traveling at a high rate of speed before the crash, police said. The crash remained under investigation as of Friday. 

Matt Crimmins, of Dover Township, shows off a tattoo his friend Tyler Beaverson did. The trident, combined a devil's pitchfork, is inspired by the shop he works at, Trident Tattoo Company.

"You hope it's not him, and you're like 'It can't be Tyler, he's one of those people that's invincible,'" Crimmins said, recalling learning about his friend's death. "Coming to work and being around everybody, we can talk about the good memories we have." 

Valeri Hartman, of Dover Township, had all of her six tattoos completed by Beaverson. 

Two of her tattoos — completed on her feet — ended up being the "most excruciating pain ever," she said.

She said Beaverson helped her through that pain, reminding her to breathe and stay calm.

"Sitting there in the chair, you get to know somebody fairly well," Hartman  said. "(Beaverson) was so nice, he just made the whole situation more calm and relaxing."

Though Beaverson left an impression on his clients, several co-workers of Trident Tattoo Co, like Crimmins, have his art forever etched into their skin.

Celice Horan, flashing a peace sign to show off two small tattoos Beaverson did, said she will miss the times Beaverson came to her house to explore the creek.

Crimmins remembered one particular instance at that creek, when Beaverson got terrified by the water snakes that occupied the small stream.

In the coming days, Crimmins said he thinks more memories like that one will come back to him.

"You don't really meet people like Beaverson in your life often," Crimmins said. "You'll miss having that curve-ball of energy around."


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