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Former York County GOP official Blew running for prothonotary

Lindsey O'Laughlin
York Dispatch
Allison Blew of Lower Windsor Township is the only Republican candidate running for York County Prothonotary. The primary is Tuesday, May 21.

Outgoing York County Prothonotary Pam Lee was a teacher for 20 years before she took public office, and one Republican candidate for prothonotary wants voters to know she used to be a teacher, too.

Allison Blew, of Lower Windsor Township, taught high school history at Red Lion Christian School until her first daughter was born about eight years ago. She served one term as vice chairwoman of the York County Republican Committee.

"I have managed toddlers up to politicians," she said.

When her first daughter was born, Blew became a stay-at-home mom. She and her husband have two daughters.

Blew will be the only Republican on the ballot for the May 21 primary. In November, she'll face one of three Democrats competing for their party's nomination: Sandra Harrison, Michael Anderson or Christina Stetler.

The prothonotary office handles all civil litigation filings, from divorce and child custody proceedings to personal injury cases, mortgage foreclosures and liens against property and real estate.

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If elected to office, Blew said, her priority would be customer service.

"The people who deal with the prothonotary staff are people who are dealing with very weighty matters," she said.

The office is in the middle of a transition to electronic filing, which Blew said is an important step in a time when more and more people are representing themselves in civil matters.

The ability to file documents online will ensure that no county residents are disenfranchised for not being able to drive to the courthouse in York City.

Blew also plans to audit the prothonotary fee schedule, but she said it might be an informal audit. During her first term, she said, she'd like to compare the York County fee schedule to those in surrounding counties to ensure the prices are fair.

And finally, Blew said she is a fiscal conservative and that she would set the budget in the prothonotary office with that principle in mind.

She said her decision to run for office was "borne out of a desire to serve the community" and to represent Republican principles in the public square.

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