Exelon: Three Mile Island to close in September

Dispatch Staff
A military aircraft flies near the Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station viewed from the borough of Royalton, Dauphin County, Friday, March 15, 2019. The plant's Unit 2 reactors have been shut down since the March 28,1979, partial meltdown. Bill Kalina photo

Energy giant Exelon announced Wednesday that it will shutter its nuclear plant at Three Mile Island in September and blamed state lawmakers for not saving the facility.

The announcement was made in a company news release Wednesday morning and in statements by Exelon officials on Twitter.

“Today is a difficult day for our employees, who were hopeful that state policymakers would support valuing carbon-free nuclear energy the same way they value other forms of clean energy in time to save TMI from a premature closure,” said Bryan Hanson, Exelon senior vice president and chief nuclear officer. 

For months, state lawmakers have hashed out legislation that would have provided subsidies to nuclear energy. The legislation would add nuclear facilities to a program that boosts forms of energy that don't create greenhouse gases.

Versions in the Senate and House both languish in committee. 

Exelon officials had previously said TMI would close if legislation wasn't approved by June. 

Exelon and FirstEnergy have been proponents of the $500 million package. So, too, have local officials throughout Dauphin and northern York counties. 

Opponents of the legislation — particularly the natural gas industry — call it a bailout. 

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