New sauce feels like tarantulas bit your tongue, creator says

Mark Price
The Charlotte Observer

Many Americans pride themselves on the ability to endure a scorching hot pepper sauce, even if we’re coughing and crying while eating it over chicken wings.

But a guy in the United Kingdom may have bested us with something called Venom Chilli Sauce, a concoction he says “scientifically” recreates the sensation of having your tongue bitten by a toxic spider.

“Hot chilli is painful,” says the website for Steve’s Scientific Sauce. “We have produced it to our specific requirements, to mimic the venom action of the Trinidad chevron (tarantula).”

‘Tingling and burning’: USA Today reports the sauce was created by Steven Trim in the labs of Kent-based Venomtech in the United Kingdom, and it is believed to be the first of its kind. It’s the sauce’s “tingling and burning sensation” that recreates the venom-filled bite, according to USA Today.

“It was about two years ago when we had that first light bulb moment,” Trim said, the Daily Mail reported. “I laughed it off at the time and said it was hilarious to do. Nobody has been foolish enough to try the venom … .We finally hit on the idea of doing a synthetic inspired sauce.”

Trim said their experiments included “carefully” extracting venom from 300 of the spiders, the New York Post reported. There is no actual venom in the sauce. The company is using synthetic technology to re-create the sensation.

Debuted for Halloween: The end product, which is “suitable for vegans,” hit the market at Halloween in the United Kingdom, and Trim said they have since sold 300 bottles, according to the Post. The price is about $8.50 in U.S. currency. says the company is already preparing to expand its product line, with a dipping sauce that combines Venom Chilli Sauce with mayonnaise, called Venomaise.

As for the spider the Venom Chilli Sauce is modeled after, the Trinidad Chevron tarantula is “cantankerous and aggressive” and survives as long as 12 years, according to They live in the trees on the island of Trinidad, the site says.