Rebecca and Frederick Hansen: of Windsor, March 19, a daughter.

Cassidy Stephenson and Foster Stoner: of East Berlin, March 20, a daughter.

Kristin (Henry) and Gannon Matthews: of York, March 21, a son.

Sonia (Bhalla) and Eric Brewer: of York, March 21, a daughter.

Laura (Wooden) and Jeremy Jones: of York, March 21, a son.

Mary (Hench) Voss and Stephen Sisto: of Hanover, March 21, a daughter.

Heather (Sisto) and Stephen Johnson: of York, March 21, a daughter.

Sarah (Thompson) and Jose Adorno: of Red Lion, March 21, a son.

Gena (Daugherty) and Joe LaRocco: of York March 22, a son.

Leslie (Panos) and Christopher Jones, Jr.: of Wellsville, March 22, a daughter.

Geena (Ruby) and Jared Englehart: of York, March 22, a daughter.

Ashley Young: of York, March 22, a son. 

Carolyn (Castillo) Reyes-Castillo and Ismael Serrano, Jr.: of York, March 22, a daughter. 

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