Bill Kalina

This image from the York Fair encompasses, through the expressions of the three-year-old riders, the extremes of most people's experience on carnival rides. Which child reflects your view?


The York City Firefighters Awards ceremony was a somber event this year with the loss of two firefighters during the Weaver Piano building blaze.


It always satisfying catching a great moment from a sporting event. Peak action, tightly shot, with expressive faces and the ball perfectly placed makes for a happy result of an afternoon of shooting!

Animals and kids usually make for cute and cuddly pictures. It's always nice to find something different! These Pennsylvania State Police horses were tame but daunting, eliciting reactions from a student at York High School.



Braydon Flynn, 8, who has Down Syndrome, was chosen to be one of the princes for the York Suburban High School Homecoming celebrations. I was fortunate to get to spend time with Braydon and his family during his big day!


John A. Pavoncello

2018 was a year of loss for York's first responder community. While I normally love capturing images with the American flag, this year it was a bit overwhelming covering US Marshal Hill's funeral procession and then the deaths of two York City fire fighters.


Never in almost thirty years as a news photographer have I ever been so emotionally effected than when I witnessed fire fighters and EMS personnel rushing their brothers Ivan and Zach to waiting ambulances after third story stairwell they were in collapsed. This isn't a favorite photograph, matter of fact, I hate it. But it's probably one of the most important images I've ever captured.


2018 was a year of weather extremes and I was fortunate it enough to cover many of the events with our drone. The lighthouse at Lake Clarke Marina stands a colorful sentry against tons of ice and floodwaters it created.


From the deep freeze on the Susquehanna River to people beating the summer heat leaping into Muddy Creek, seems I spent a lot of time this year around water.


I knew when I captured this image it would be one of my favorites of the year. Encore is a neat event, but it's one I've covered many times, so coming up with a unique image is a challenge. Thankfully the cast of Hanover High School's production of 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' made it easy for me.


Dawn J. Sagert

He was just a kid. Dezmen Jones, 15, was not the intended target, but he was there. My heart hurts for the families, and no matter how many times I cover something like this, it never gets easier. I do believe, however, that the images I am making are meaningful and that their stories need to be told.


In contrast to the tragedies, we also are able to cover the everyday events in life. This was a hike at Rocky Ridge Park in July. I love nature and learning, so when I have a chance to be outside and explore, I take it. Who wouldn't want to look at bugs close up?


I love images that make me feel--happiness, awe, anger, sadness--something conveying the story that is being told. This image has heart. 


Dogs. I. Love. Dogs. This competition was held during a fundraising event for an animal rescue. Don't get me wrong, I love cats and all other animals too, but no matter how I'm feeling, when I get to be around dogs--I feel better.



I stumbled upon York Giving Helping Hands when I was en route to another assignment. The grassroots, volunteer-run organization feeds and clothes the homeless and those in need in York City on Saturdays and Sundays. Over about a month, I talked to the group administrator, volunteers and some people who are currently experiencing homelessness. The love and respect that those serving and those receiving have for each other is encouraging and inspirational. Each and every one of us has a story. 


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