Wally Miller of York City and his service dog Snickers spend the Christmas season like most others–side-by-side. Snickers, a chihuahua, senses blood sugar levels in Miller, a diabetic. York Dispatch


Like most of us, Wally Miller goes about his holiday routine surrounded by friends and family.

But his constant, most devoted companion is Snickers, his 9-year-old applehead teacup Chihuahua.

“She goes everywhere we do on the holidays,” the York City man said.

Miller says she is the state’s smallest service dog, weighing in at 2½ pounds. He has a commendation from Gov. Tom Wolf to prove it.

The tiny pup is tucked in Miller’s jacket on a cold night visiting a Christmas light display, balled up on a fleece blanket in a shopping cart during a Thanksgiving Day trip to Target and sitting calmly in a noisy roller rink during a family outing.

A diabetic, Miller said Snickers can alert him to blood sugar abnormalities by smelling his skin.

Most notably, Miller credits the dog with saving his life in 2013. Before he knew he was in the throes of a stroke, Snickers began to act strangely. By the time Miller alerted his wife to the dog’s behavior, Miller began to lose his ability to speak.

Doctors said the early warning saved Miller from long-term paralysis or death.

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What does the smallest service dog want for Christmas?

Clothing, of course.

“She has three bags full of Christmas and holiday clothing,” Miller said. In addition, she has summer outfits, including a bikini, and a winter hunting vest. It’s reversible, with her choice of blaze orange or camouflage.

On a recent holiday shopping trip, Miller welcomed the attention his prized dog calmly received from fellow shoppers.

“She’s an amazing little girl,” he said.


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