York County housing prices climb, create a 'seller's market'

Lindsey O'Laughlin
York Dispatch
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York County home values and sale prices continue to climb, according to the most recent report from the Realtors Association of York and Adams Counties.

Ken Worley, president of RAYAC, said this is a seller's market.

"Homes are worth more, and interest rates haven't seemed to affect purchasing," Worley said. "We still have low inventory and a lot of buyers, so it's a great time to be a seller."

Jan. 1 to Sept. 30: The median sale price for a home in York County between January and September 2018 was $176,000, up 6 percent from $166,000 during the same period in 2017.

For all 16 school districts in the county, overall median sale prices for the first nine months of 2018 either increased or remained unchanged.

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York City School District's median sale price increased to $64,900, up 22 percent from $53,250 during the same nine-month period in 2017.

Northern York County School District had the second-highest percentage increase. The median sale price jumped to $234,000, up 11 percent from $211,400 in 2017.

A total of 4,648 homes were sold in York County during this period in 2018, down 2 percent from 4,736 homes in the same period of 2017.

September: The median sale price for September 2018 was $180,375, a 6 percent increase from $169,900 in 2017.

In six school districts, median sale prices decreased in September 2018. The greatest decrease was in Eastern York School District, which dropped to $132,000, down 24 percent from $172,750 in 2017.

In the remaining 10 districts, sale prices either increased or stayed the same. The greatest increase was in Southern York School District, which jumped to $288,500, up 46 percent from $198,250 in 2017.

As for the number of homes sold, 10 school districts had lower numbers in 2018.

The greatest decrease was in York City School District, in which 18 homes were sold in September 2018, down 47 percent from 34 homes in 2017.

The greatest increase was in South Eastern School District, in which 23 homes were sold in September 2018, up 53 percent from 15 homes in 2017.

The overall number of homes sold in the county in September 2018 decreased to 476, a 13 percent drop from 547 homes in 2017, the RAYAC report said.