York County road closures as of Monday, Sept. 10

York Dispatch
Accomac Road flood damage Monday, Sept. 10, 2018, closed it to one lane of local and emergency travel only. Bill Kalina photo

York County roads remain closed by flooding. These are the roads that are still restricted on Monday, Sept. 10.

Chanceford Township

  • Cramer Road: closed between Wide and Stamper roads.
  • Douglas Road: restricted lanes between Hill and Green Branch roads.
  • Fake Road: closed between Stamper and Duff Hollow roads.
  • Game Club Road: closed between Gum Tree and Collinsville roads.
  • Gipe Road: closed between Lucky and Enfield roads.
  • Goram Road: restricted lanes between Mill and Gordon House roads. 
  • Kline Road: closed between Mill and Goram roads.
  • Kupp Road: restricted lanes at Chapel Church Road.
  • Laurel Road: closed between Brogueville and Wise roads.
  • Manor Furnace Road: closed between Felton and Brown roads. 
  • Markle Road: restricted lanes between Pickle and Mill Branch roads.
  • Mill Road: restricted lanes between Goram and Gum Tree roads.
  • Old Forge Road: closed between Duff Hollow and Wolf Road.
  • Pomraning Road: restricted lanes.
  • Scout Camp Road: restricted lanes between Furnance and Old Bridgeville roads.
  • Smith Hollow Road: closed between Gum Tree and Lucky roads.
  • Ted Wallace Road: closed between Muddy Creek and Workinger roads. 

Conewago Township

  • Cragmoor Road: closed between Old Trail and Grandview roads.

East Hopewell Township

  • Collins School Road: bridge closed between Mead Hill and High Rock roads.
  • Rambo Road: bridge closed between Trout School and Glessick School roads.

East Manchester Township

  • Conewago Creek Road: closed between Bowers Bridge Road and North George Street.

Fawn Township

  • Woodbine Road: bridge closed between West Woodbine and Norris roads.

Hellam Township

  • Accomac Road: restricted lanes between Dark Hollow and River roads.
  • Kreutz Creek Road: restricted lanes between Pleasant Valley and Tracey School roads.
  • Lees Lane: closed at Kreutz Creek Road.
  • North River Drive: closed between Furnace and Accomac roads.

Hopewell Township

  • Deer Creek Road: bridge closed between Gemmill and Five Forks roads.
  • Gemmill Road: bridge closed between Deer Creek and Cooper roads.

Lower Chanceford Township

  • Frosty Hill Road: bridge closed between Kennedy and Stewart roads.
  • Good Road: bridge closed between Frosty Hill and Stewart roads.
  • Kennedy Road: closed between Bruce and Piney Hill roads.
  • Lucky Road: bridge closed between Gipe and Pickel roads.
  • Woodbine Road: closed between Owad and Norris roads, bridge closed between Frosty Hill and Delta roads.

Shrewsbury Township

  • Hametown Road: closed between Reservoir and Glen Valley roads.
  • Line Road: closed between Short and Brillstrick roads.
  • Route 616: closed between Baltimore Street and Glen Rock Road.
  • West Clearview Road: restricted lanes over bridge at Shady Court.