York County roads remain closed by flooding. These are the roads that are still restricted on Monday, Sept. 10.

Chanceford Township

  • Cramer Road: closed between Wide and Stamper roads.
  • Douglas Road: restricted lanes between Hill and Green Branch roads.
  • Fake Road: closed between Stamper and Duff Hollow roads.
  • Game Club Road: closed between Gum Tree and Collinsville roads.
  • Gipe Road: closed between Lucky and Enfield roads.
  • Goram Road: restricted lanes between Mill and Gordon House roads. 
  • Kline Road: closed between Mill and Goram roads.
  • Kupp Road: restricted lanes at Chapel Church Road.
  • Laurel Road: closed between Brogueville and Wise roads.
  • Manor Furnace Road: closed between Felton and Brown roads. 
  • Markle Road: restricted lanes between Pickle and Mill Branch roads.
  • Mill Road: restricted lanes between Goram and Gum Tree roads.
  • Old Forge Road: closed between Duff Hollow and Wolf Road.
  • Pomraning Road: restricted lanes.
  • Scout Camp Road: restricted lanes between Furnance and Old Bridgeville roads.
  • Smith Hollow Road: closed between Gum Tree and Lucky roads.
  • Ted Wallace Road: closed between Muddy Creek and Workinger roads. 

Conewago Township

  • Cragmoor Road: closed between Old Trail and Grandview roads.

East Hopewell Township

  • Collins School Road: bridge closed between Mead Hill and High Rock roads.
  • Rambo Road: bridge closed between Trout School and Glessick School roads.

East Manchester Township

  • Conewago Creek Road: closed between Bowers Bridge Road and North George Street.

Fawn Township

  • Woodbine Road: bridge closed between West Woodbine and Norris roads.

Hellam Township

  • Accomac Road: restricted lanes between Dark Hollow and River roads.
  • Kreutz Creek Road: restricted lanes between Pleasant Valley and Tracey School roads.
  • Lees Lane: closed at Kreutz Creek Road.
  • North River Drive: closed between Furnace and Accomac roads.

Hopewell Township

  • Deer Creek Road: bridge closed between Gemmill and Five Forks roads.
  • Gemmill Road: bridge closed between Deer Creek and Cooper roads.

Lower Chanceford Township

  • Frosty Hill Road: bridge closed between Kennedy and Stewart roads.
  • Good Road: bridge closed between Frosty Hill and Stewart roads.
  • Kennedy Road: closed between Bruce and Piney Hill roads.
  • Lucky Road: bridge closed between Gipe and Pickel roads.
  • Woodbine Road: closed between Owad and Norris roads, bridge closed between Frosty Hill and Delta roads.

Shrewsbury Township

  • Hametown Road: closed between Reservoir and Glen Valley roads.
  • Line Road: closed between Short and Brillstrick roads.
  • Route 616: closed between Baltimore Street and Glen Rock Road.
  • West Clearview Road: restricted lanes over bridge at Shady Court.
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