Mold issues continue in York County schools

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As humid, hot conditions continue to be a factor, West Shore becomes the latest school district in York County with mold concerns.

Superintendent Todd Stoltz emailed middle school parents Tuesday night, Aug. 28, alerting them that mold had been found in a storage closet off of the main gym as well as the lower level in the classroom and locker room areas.

Crossroads Middle School will be closed Wednesday and Thursday to allow time for additional testing and mold remediation, as the district does not yet know the extent of the problem.

Schools in the district had already been dismissed early Tuesday because of a high heat index and lack of air conditioning in half of the district's buildings. 

"Thank you for your patience and understanding," Stoltz wrote, "as recent weather conditions have provided us with an interesting start to the 2018-2019 school year."

Earlier on Tuesday, district staff and a mold remediation company inspected the affected areas, and Compliance Management International was contacted for air-quality testing throughout the building, according to the email.

Eastern York Middle School

Other schools: Mold also was found in Eastern York Middle School before the start of the school year, causing the district's first day to be pushed back about a week.

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All students started on Aug. 27, with middle school students attending classes in two district elementary schools and the high school while their building was tested and mold was remediated.

Indoor air-quality testing results for Canadochly and Wrightsville elementary schools and Eastern York High School, where middle school students started their school year, were posted on the district website Friday, Aug. 24.

Kreutz Creek Elementary School was also tested.

Airborne Contamination Identification Associates, a Manchester Township air filter supplier, reported that sampling performed in the buildings Aug. 16 indicated no need for air-quality improvement.

The company reported that though some mold types had higher counts outdoors, the common varieties that tend to move inside had been washed away by recent heavy rains, so indoor counts were low, according to a statement posted with the results.

The middle school remains closed for remediation, and students started as scheduled on Monday.

York Suburban School District also discovered mold in a handful of high school classrooms Aug. 20, but it was not enough to delay the start of school.

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The rooms were fogged with a mold-killing substance, and Superintendent Timothy Williams wrote in a letter to parents that the district would continue to test air quality daily to ensure schools are safe for students, faculty and staff.

When reached Thursday, Aug. 30, Williams said results came back with no issues, and affected classrooms were reopened, but the district will continue to use dehumidifiers and spot testing here and there to monitor conditions.

Next steps: West Shore parents will be updated Thursday evening about building conditions, according to the letter.

"As always, the safety of students and staff is our foremost concern," Stoltz wrote. 

The district also plans to monitor conditions in other school buildings, he added.