Someone broke into the Strinestown Community Fire Co. early Sunday morning, Aug. 12, and stole a rescue vehicle and a full set of turnout gear, the fire company said.

The fire company said on its Facebook page that someone went into the station, 5690 Susquehanna Trail, and left with a set of turnout gear and Rescue 26, a vehicle that transports six people along with a hydraulic rescue tool system, a 6,000-watt light tower, a generator and more equipment used for rescue operations.

The vehicle was recovered, but Northern Regional Police were processing it and assessing the damage, so it was out of operation Sunday afternoon, the post said.

"If anyone saw this unit being operated in a reckless or erratic manner, we apologize but at that time we were unaware that it had been stolen," the fire company posted. 

Northern Regional Police had not released anything on the theft by 3 p.m. Sunday. 



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