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The contractor working on the Interstate 83 Mount Rose Avenue construction project is asking for more time and more money, but the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation doesn’t think it’s needed, a spokesman with PennDOT confirmed.

Despite the project hitting a handful of timeline snags — the notice-to-proceed date was delayed, utility relocation work prevented construction from starting right away and a foundation had to be redesigned — Jessup, Maryland-based Cherry Hill Construction Inc. should be able to complete the project by late 2019 or early 2020, Greg Penny said.

“The contractor still contends there are construction issues that have delayed them,” he said. “We disagree with their contentions. The contractor and PennDOT are in negotiation to resolve these differences.

"No time extension has been granted yet to the contractor beyond November 2018. But practically speaking, we estimate it will take until the end of 2019 and possibly spring 2020 to wrap up all the work,” he said.

The project’s cost was $58.3 million and is now estimated at $59.7 million, but it’s under negotiation, Penny explained. It hasn’t been determined or finalized yet, he said.

A time extension was granted in the beginning because of the delays, which also moved the project's estimated completion from June 2018 to November 2018, Penny noted.

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The project began in April 2015, according to PennDOT. 

PennDOT was “partly responsible” for the early delays, Penny continued, because several permits had to be modified. However, the contractor has been in control of the schedule, he said.

That means the more than 60,000 motorists who use that section of I-83 daily have to ride out another year of construction.

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“The goal is to have the project substantially complete by the end of 2019, which means that all the changes and new alignments should be in place then,” Penny said. “Since this will likely be after our blacktop paving deadline for wearing course material, meaning the top layer of asphalt for the riding surface, the contractor will need to return in the spring to do final paving when the temperatures are more conducive.”

The project at Exit 18, in Springettsbury Township, includes the reconstruction and widening of a 1.3-mile section of I-83 and the reconfiguration of the Exit 18 interchange ramps for Route 124, Mount Rose Avenue.

The reconfigured ramps will include two new loop ramps on the south side of the interchange, which will eliminate the existing left turns from eastbound Route 124 to I-83 north and from I-83 south to eastbound Route 124, according to PennDOT documents.

What can motorists expect through the remainder of the project?

Remainder of 2018: 

  • Complete the installation of the new sound barrier along I-83 northbound just north of Route 124 and switch I-83 northbound into Stage 2A north of Route 124 with reconstruction of the eastern portion of I-83 northbound roadway and associated bridges.  The project is already in Stage 2A south of Route 124. 
  • Complete Stage 2A on Interstate 83.
  • Switch to Stage 2B with reconstruction of western portion of I-83 southbound roadway and associated bridges, and begin structure demolitions and replacements over the winter.


  • Complete Stage 2B and switch to Stage 2C, reconstruction of center portion of I-83 and associated bridges.
  • Complete Stage 2C.


  • Final wearing course placement on I-83.





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