Additional mosquito spraying planned in Springettsbury Twp.

More spraying is scheduled in York County to control a high mosquito population this summer.

West Nile virus is transmitted through a cycle. An infected bird is bitten by a mosquito that then goes on to bite people.

This week, the Penn State Extension York County West Nile Virus Program staff will be spraying in Springettsbury Township on Wednesday, July 18.

The target area includes residential and commercial sections in the vicinity of North Sherman Street and North Hills Road, south of Ridgewood Road and north of Mill Creek, according to a news release.

By last Thursday, July 12, 38 batches of mosquitoes from York County had tested positive for West Nile virus, with the trend expected to continue through the fall.

Large numbers of mosquitoes, reproducing quickly because of ideal weather conditions, are likely to carry more disease, program administrator Thomas Smith has said.

Smith suggests cleaning up outside, removing any containers with standing water — which attracts them — and using repellent and fans to keep them from biting.

Penn State Extension West Nile Virus Program administrator Thomas Smith demonstrates the trap used to collect mosquitoes for research. A mix of straw, sour milk and tap water are fermented for a week before being used to lure mosquitoes to the trap, where they are sucked in by a fan, frozen and studied. Dawn J. Sagert photo.

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Previous samples have tested positive in Springettsbury Township, the release states.

Signs will be posted to alert residents on the day of the spray. If weather or unexpected events prevent spraying, a rain date will be scheduled for the following day, Thursday, June 19.

For more information on how to keep the population under control this summer, contact the Penn State Extension York County West Nile Program office at 717-840-2375 or email