Births for Friday, June 15

York Dispatch



Laura (McCauley) and Jerry Cunningham: of York, June 11, a son.

Kelly (Anderson) and Keith Matson: of Glen Rock, June 11, a son.

Maria (Arafiles) Arafiles-Reif and Robert Reif: of Red Lion, June 11, a son.

Shannon and Gilbert Scriba: of York, June 12, twins, a son and a daughter.

Jalissa (Muir) and Gregory Jacobs: of York, June 12, a son.

Jennifer Morales and Patrick Almodovar: of West Lawn, PA June 12, a daughter.

Laura and John Trumble: of Manchester, June 12, a son.

katelyn (Schultz) and Stephen Gable: of York, June 12, a son.

Erin and Matthew Kozak: of Felton, June 13, twin daughters.

Sarah (Vollmerhausen) and Justin Diehl: of Hanover, June 13, a son.