Births for Tuesday, April 10

York Dispatch



Kayla (Kemper) and Brian McKenna: of Mt Wolf, April 4, a son.

Tierra Gaines: of Wrightsville, April 4, a son.

Davia Linnen and Kevin Grant: of York, April 4, a daughter.

Julie and Brandon Bonini: of Windsor, April 5, a daughter.

Cindy (Aguilera) Flores and Ronald Flores Rivera: of York, April 5, a son.

Hilary Hernandez and Kenny Maldonado: of York, April 5, a daughter.

Josephine Joseph and Nicasio Corredor: of York, April 6, a daughter.

Heather (Zepp) and Shane Gosnell: of New Oxford, April 6, a daughter.

Julienid Romero and Rubin Mendez: of York, April 6, a son.

Holly Shoemaker and Elijah Cooper: of Wrightsville, April 6, a daughter

Kristin (Shambach) and Todd Swineford: of York Haven, April 6, a son.

Christina (Shifflet) and John Gegg: of York, April 6, a daughter.

Kori and Steven Haines: of Hanover, April 6, a daughter.

Donna Repman and Jason Markley: of York, April 6, a daughter.

Shanna Myers and Joseph Gummel: of Red Lion, April 7, a daughter.

Elizabeth (Siemon) and Andrew Kunkle: of Loganville, April 7, a son.

Samantha Juris and Joshua Carpenter: of York, April 7, a son.

Tiffany Quickel and Wyatt Livingston: of Red Lion, April 7, a son.

Ashley (Rhoads) and Dwayne Hartman: of York, April 7, a daughter.