Dunkin Donuts to open shop in Dover Township

Jana Benscoter
York Dispatch
A Dunkin Donuts will be built at the corner of Park Street and Grandview Avenue in Dover Township. (Jana Benscoter)

A vacant Dover Township residential unit will soon be demolished in order to pave the way for a Dunkin Donuts.

The site at 2727 Grandview Ave. will be transformed into one commercial building. The 1.4 acres will include parking and have two tenants, according to the land development plan.

"We’re proposing one building," said Mark Magrecki of Penn Terra Engineering, who spoke on behalf of owner Mahant Krupa LLC.

"There are two tenants: one is developing a Dunkin Donuts that is 2,000 square feet. The other tenant is just space, and it’s 3,000 square feet," Magrecki said.

Dover Township manager Laurel Oswalt said Dunkin Donuts is the only tenant signed to be in the building at this time.

A former residential house will be transformed into a Dunkin Donuts in Dover Township. (Jana Benscoter)

The demolition permit has been approved, but it hasn't been picked up yet, Oswalt said. There are some administrative items that need to be completed, and the stormwater, sewer and water plans need to be finalized, she said.

Access to the doughnut shop will be off the intersecting road — Park Street — which will be widened for safer traffic flow, Magrecki said. 

2727 Grandview Ave. will be demolished and a Dunkin Donuts will be built in its place. (Jana Benscoter)

He explained the planning commission required a total of 39 parking spaces for off-street parking and store parking, which includes handicap-accessible spaces. His plan, Magrecki said, included 45 parking spaces.

The timeline for the store's opening has not been determined, he said.