York City woman receives probation for mail fraud

Births for Monday, March 26

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Crystal Ricker and Benjamin Kanner: of Chambersburg, March 19, a daughter.

Jennifer Sanderson and Jesse Lloyd: of Jacobus, March 20, a daughter.

Tiffany Wright and Kevin Gyamfi: of York, March 20, a son.

Shyla Watkins and Ryan McFalls: of York, March 20, a daughter.

Kelsey (Geisinger) and Mark Tucker: of Dover, March 20, a son.

Summer (Gates) and Keith Jackson: of Hanover, March 21, a son.

Kristin (Steinbach) and Travis Ferree: of York, March 21, a son.

Holly and Monty Seaman, Chambersburg: of March 21, a son.

Erin (Jacobson) and Daniel Doutrich: of Red Lion, March 21, a daughter.

Shana (Mallory) and Christopher Miller: of York, March 21, a son.

Naomi (Huson) and Shaun Moose: of York, March 22, a daughter.

Heather (Mumford) and Jason Lyons: of York, March 22, a son.

Kacey (Klinedinst) and Seth Grove: of Dover, March 22, a daughter.

Tara Matcuk and William Eckenrode: of York, March 22, a son.

Crystal (Ross) and Les Scrivens: of York, March 23, a son.