Man accused in ex's W. Manchester Twp. drug death

A man currently in prison on unrelated drug charges is now accused of providing the drugs that killed his ex-girlfriend in West Manchester Township late last year, according to police.

West Manchester Township Police say 37-year-old Holly Miller overdosed on drugs provided by William Ramon Vazquez in early October.

Vazquez, 47, of the first block of Richland Avenue, which is on the border between York City and West York, is charged with drug delivery resulting in death.

William Vazquez

Death: Police were sent to Golden Eagle Drive about 2:20 p.m. Oct. 6 for a report of a drug overdose. The caller told 911 that he had found his friend, Miller, lying on the bathroom floor with no pulse and that she was not breathing.

Officers on the scene tried using naloxone, but she did not respond to it. 

While at the home, police found a needle and blue envelope packaging for heroin, court documents state.

Miller's friend told police that he picked her up on Parkway Boulevard and was taking her home when she asked to make a stop in the area of South Richland Avenue and West King Street, officials said.

She went into a nearby home and returned to her friend's car within five to 10 minutes, according to documents. She did not discuss what she was doing at the house with the friend who picked her up, police said.

He then took her to his home, and she went to the bathroom while he went to make something to eat.

After about 15 minutes he knocked on the bathroom door, but she did not respond. He opened the door and found her, along with a needle on the toilet, according to police. 

An autopsy completed in December showed Miller's cause of death was fentanyl toxicity, court documents state.

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Investigation: In late October, police searched Miller's phone and found two calls to and from a "Will" about an hour before her overdose, according to court documents.

The number, police said, was tracked back to Vazquez.

In November, Vazquez was speaking to a West Manchester officer for a different drug case, and he was found to have that phone with him at the time, according to police.

While speaking with officials, Vazquez admitted that he purchased heroin from the east side of York City, then sold smaller amounts of it from his Richland Avenue home, court documents state. Police say he had been doing it for about four months.

Additionally, he told police he only uses that phone for drug transactions, officials said.

During that first interview he denied selling anything to Miller, charging documents state. Vazquez was later taken to York County Prison, where police spoke to him again.

While there, Vazquez told police he and Miller had a romantic relationship in 2014 that stemmed from knowing each other as heroin users, court documents state.

Last summer he tried rekindling that relationship but stopped after learning she was with someone else, according to officials. 

When asked about the calls made during the day of her death, Vazquez said it's possible he made the calls, but he did not remember, police said. He told police he was on methadone around that time, which causes issues with his memory, court documents state.

He denied seeing her the day of her death and said the last time he had seen her was in the summer, officials said.

"Vazquez denied ever supplying or selling Miller heroin and stated that if Miller would have requested him to do so, he would have told her no," Detective Robert Davenport wrote in charging documents.

Charges for Vazquez were filed Thursday, Feb. 22, and he was arraigned on them that day. He also is charged with possession with intent to deliver in an unrelated case.

He remains in York County Prison in lieu of $200,000 bail. He does not have an attorney listed.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 17 at District Judge Keith Albright's office.

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