A pair of Hanover-area eagles nesting near Codorus State park welcomed their first egg of the year at about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 20. Watch the first reveal of the egg, as captured on the online 24-7 livestream, offered through a partnership among HDonTap, Comcast, Codorus State Park and the Pennsylvania Game Commission. (Video courtesy of HDonTap)


Viewers of the Hanover-area bald eagle cam can rest easy, as the pair of eagles that nest on private property near Codorus State Park welcomed their first egg of the year Tuesday, Feb. 20.

According to comments on the cam's live feed, the female eagle laid her first egg of the year about 3:30 p.m. 

The egg comes in the nick of time, six days after the anniversary date of female eagle Liberty's first egg Feb. 14, 2015, according to a post from the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

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Hanover eagle expert Karen Lippy has said the eagle must lay an egg in the period of about four to five days before or after the date of that first egg, or she can no longer produce.

Now it becomes a waiting game for egg No. 2.

Lippy said with this nest, the eagles usually produce two eggs. Some years they have only raised one chick, but never more than two. 

The online eagle cam, offered through a partnership among the game commission, HDOnTap, Comcast and Codorus State Park, has thousands of comments from excited fans who have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of an egg.

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After a few collapses this year, the nest is smaller but stable, Lippy has said, and the eagles are in good condition.

To view the 24-7 live feed, visit

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