Congressman Scott Perry, R-York County, called the latest budget busting deal a “disgrace” in this statement:

“I’m staunchly opposed to the latest spending 'deal' out of Washington — which raises spending caps by nearly $300 billion over two years, on TOP of our existing $20 trillion debt. Worse yet, our government is set to run a trillion dollar deficit this year alone — double that of FY17. Washington’s spending problem continues, unabated. Instead of addressing spending in a strategic and comprehensive way, this bill will grow the size of government by 13%, and that’s not what we were sent to Washington to do. We can’t continue to spend like there’s a magic money tree somewhere — we’re headed for eventual bankruptcy if this doesn’t stop — which also bankrupts the programs upon which people rely every day. Tax cuts will grow the economy, but failing to address the spending side of this issue is negligent. The American People are forced to prioritize their spending - Washington needs to do the same.” 

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