Trash collection delayed in York City

Trash collections in York City will have a one-day delay for the remainder of the week because of dangerous road conditions Wednesday, Feb. 7, according to a city news release.

Republic Services will be collecting trash from the Monday/Thursday Refuse District —Market Street and north of Market Street — Friday, Feb. 9., and from the Tuesday/Friday Refuse District — south of Market Street — Saturday, Feb. 10.

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Regular bag limits will be observed on delayed dates.

Customers are asked to take the following steps to prepare their trash for collection during winter weather:

  • Place all trash in securely tied, heavy-mil bags of 32 gallons and 40 pounds maximum, or place bags in trash cans with tight fitting lids of the same maximum capacity.
  • Use dark-colored bags that will be visible in the snow
  • Keep an uncovered and cleared path to trash cans/bags.
  • In the case of heavy snow accumulation, place items on top of or in front of snow piles directly along the collection route
  • Using tied trash bags in place of cans is best during wind to keep cans from blowing away
  • Do not leave unscheduled large items (that do not fit the normal weight/size limit) or trash that exceeds bag limits for pickup. They will not be collected.
  • Place all items at the pickup point by 6 a.m. the day of collection. Crews will not return for late items.


For more information on York City trash and refuse schedules and pickup procedures, visit, and look at Trash and Refuse Information under the Resident tab.