Obituaries for Wednesday, Jan. 24

York Dispatch

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Luther E. Drawbaugh, Sr., Mansfield

Margaret E. Miller, Glenville

Muriel B. McAlister, York

Leo T. Shenberger, York

Cora I. Reise, Dover

Timothy J. Hawn, Dover

Ruthann Himes, Hellam

David P. Frey, Edgewood, RI

Gerald L. Laughman, Blairsville

Kyra d. Gladfelter, Red Lion

William J. Schintz, York

Gertrude M. Blymier, Wrightsville

Marlene S. Joseph. Broomall

Betty H. Shepp, York

Mildred A. Powell, York

Dorothy A. Williams, State College, PA

Howard N. Rohrbaugh, York

William J. Crowl, New Oxford

Bruce G. Ayers, Stewartstown

Edward C. Green, Shrewsbury

Terry L. Kessler, Spring Grove

Nancy L. Lefever, Manchester

Robert H. May, Dover

Richard L. Snyder, Red Lion

Mark A. Shope, Jr., York

Gene A. Andrews, New Freedom

Beverly Newman, Aspers

Lidia c. Coito, York

Mack A. Newton, Jr., York

Edward Smith, York

Charles J. Brewer, Red Lion

Walter S. Skold, Elkins Park