Glen Rock group spearheads a project to wish Olympian Summer Britcher luck in her bid for gold. Well-wishing banners are popping up around the borough.



When Bill and Carrie Britcher invited neighbor Roger Butz and his wife, Jennie, to visit Lake Placid to see their Olympian daughter, Summer, compete in the Luge World Cup, the Butzes jumped at the chance. 

"When are you going to see this again?" Roger Butz, of Shrewsbury Township, said. "Someone from Glen Rock (competing) at that level."

The Butzes and their friends Dave Keller and Ellen Darby had a great trip, Butz said. On the drive home, it occurred to the group that a little more fanfare should be had locally for the two-time Olympic athlete. 

"If you asked somebody on the street 'do you know who Summer Britcher is?' would they know?" Butz said. 

That's when the idea for the banner project was born. 

Butz, a partner and creative director at Bevel Design Inc. in Towson, Maryland, designed the banners with input from the group. Butz used one of his vendors from work to print the all-weather banners. 

Businesses around Glen Rock contributed to have the banners made, as did the Glen Rock Historical Society. What wasn't covered monetarily, the foursome paid for. 

The six banners, which read "Good Luck Summer" and tout her second appearance in the Olympic Games, use photos and Olympic graphics to convey the message. 

The banners have shown up at borough mainstays: The Glen Rock Mill Inn, Hufnagel Public Library, Wetzel's Market, Prueitt Automotive Restoration and the two welcome signs that greet visitors along the borough border. 

Butz says the Britchers were thrilled.

"They were so appreciative. Summer said 'this is the best thing anyone's ever done for me in town,'" Butz said.







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