If Congress can't reach a deal on continuing resolution, the government will face a potential shutdown, which means "non-essential" services provided by information bureaus, national parks, as well as other employees across the federal government will close. The more "Essential" operations pertaining to national security, law and order, and emergency life-and-death services will continue to function, as will agencies and services that are not funded through congressional appropriations. This includes immigration and border patrol, the US Postal Service and special counsel Robert Mueller's office.


U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pennsylvania, issued the following statement regarding Saturday night’s vote resulting in a partial government shutdown:

“In a transparent political ploy, Senate Democrats prioritized amnesty for select illegal immigrants over governing, supporting our military, and providing health insurance to poor and middle-income children. Tonight’s vote by Senate Democrats is not rooted in principle or even ideology — they openly support every provision in the bill they voted against — rather it is a crass political calculation meant to appease the extreme left wing of their party. This is a mess that the Senate Democrats created, holding the entire country hostage because of an immigration issue that does not fully materialize until March. It is my hope that cooler heads prevail and a deal to keep the government open can be reached in short order.”

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