York City gang members get prison time

Two members of York City's "Southside" gang were sentenced to prison time for their roles in the gang.

Richard Nolden, 27, was sentenced to 25 years in prison, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office. Nolden was sentenced Tuesday, Dec. 19. 

Angel "Pocco" Schueg, 28, was sentenced to nearly 14 years in prison. Schueg was sentenced Thursday, Dec. 21.

This Southside gang graffiti taunted police, but a joint investigation into the gang disproved that taunting claim.

Sentences: Nolden pleaded guilty to racketeering for his involvement in the gang, the U.S. Attorney's Office said in a news release Friday, Dec. 22.

Nolden also was found guilty of the third-degree murder of Sherrod Snellings in January 2012, for which he is serving a 15-to-40-year sentence. His latest sentence will be served concurrently with his murder conviction, according to the release.

The murder, officials said, was a crime that was a part of Southside and rival York City gang "Parkway."

Schueg was one of 12 people found guilty for various crimes involved with the gang in November 2015.

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Schueg's involvement in Southside started as trafficking small amounts of marijuana and led to trafficking crack and heroin for the gang, according to the release. 

Richard Nolden Jr.

Background: Schueg and 11 others were convicted during a seven-week trial in November 2015. They were among 21 Southside members who were federally indicted in September 2014.

The gang operated in southern York City, centered in the area of Maple and Duke streets, according to the release.

Violence against Parkway resulted in deaths or shootings of members of each gang as well as innocent bystanders, the U.S. Attorney's Office said.

Officials have said Southside members and associates used fear, intimidation, retaliation, violence and threats to protect the gang's territory and its criminal enterprise — drug trafficking, primarily.

A massive two-year probe into Southside gang activity by York City Police, federal prosecutors and federal agencies, including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, led to federal indictments against  21 purported gang members.

Other convictions: The others convicted who have been sentenced are:

• Douglas "Killer" Kelly, 39,  was sentenced to life in prison in December for racketeering and drug trafficking.

• Rolando "Mico," Cruz Jr., 32, was sentenced to life in prison in October for drug trafficking and racketeering. 

• Marc "Marky D" Hernandez, 32, was sentenced to life in prison in October for racketeering and drug-distribution conspiracies.

• Jalik “Murder Cat” Frederick, 24, was sentenced to 33 months in prison June 5 for drug possession with intent to deliver.

• Brandon “B Or” Orr, 23, was sentenced to 34 months in prison in November 2016 for drug possession with intent to deliver.

• Jabree “Minute” Williams, 24, was sentenced to 60 months in prison for drug possession with intent to deliver.

• Roscoe “P Shawn” Villega, 43, racketeering conspiracy, drug-trafficking conspiracy, and drug possession with intent to deliver, was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

• Eugene "B Mor" Rice, 29, drug trafficking conspiracy, drug possession with intent to deliver, was sentenced to 200 months in prison.

The following members who were convicted are awaiting sentencing:  Rice, Tyree “Ree” Eatmon, 29, Maurice “Mo” Atkinson, 30,  and Anthony “Kanye” Sistrunk, 29.

The gang members who pleaded guilty to racketeering before the trial and have not been sentenced are: James “Doocs” Abney, 31;  Malik “Base” Sturdivant, 25;  Jahkeem “Foo” Abney, 27;  Ronald “Ron Ron” Payton, 25;  Cordaress “Tank” Rogers, 31;  Marquis “Quis” Williams, 29; Jerrod “Boogie” Brown, 28; and  Quintez “Q” Hall, 25.

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