Man gets house arrest, probation in Conewago warehouse damage

A man who police say caused an "astronomical" amount of damage to a Conewago Township warehouse nearly two years ago will spend the next two months under house arrest.

On Monday, Dec. 18, Judge Maria Musti Cook sentenced Robert W. Fisher, 27, of Lancaster County, to two months of house arrest and two years of intensive probation.

Police have said Fisher was plowing a parking lot at the warehouse on 275 Cross Farm Lane on Jan. 24, 2016, when he hit multiple Harley-Davidson motorcycles and items held inside the building at the time.

Robert Fisher

No contest: Fisher pleaded no contest to recklessly endangering another person on Oct. 24. His charges of aggravated assault, theft, criminal mischief and burglary were all dropped as a result of his plea.

Fisher's attoreny, Dan Stephenson, said that the charges being dropped showed that Fisher never intended to commit a crime.

“He’s generally a good guy," he said.

His attorney said Fisher's work ethic caused him to plow for "days on end." The incident happened a day after more than 2 feet of snow hit the York County area.

"He recognizes that continuing to work without sleep was not the wisest decision," Stephenson said.

Police: Man demolishes warehouse full of Harleys

Background: Northern Regional Police Officer Daniel Zimmerman, who filed the charges, arrived at the Crane Freight warehouse about 5:20 p.m. Jan. 24 to a "scene of damage unlike any (Zimmerman) had ever seen before," the officer wrote in the charging documents.

Zimmerman took Fisher into custody and was told that Fisher was supposed to be plowing the warehouse's parking lot after the snowstorm but didn't have permission to be in the warehouse.

A security guard told Zimmerman he heard a truck start up at the north side of the building, then the sound of it hitting multiple motorcycles, court documents state. The truck then turned toward the security guard's office and almost hit the guard, police said.

Another employee said he was coming into work and opened the door to the warehouse, only to find Fisher bearing down in the truck, documents state. The employee quickly left the building, police said, but went back inside after hearing a "bang" from inside the warehouse.

He went back inside and saw Fisher had crashed the truck into some Harley-Davidsons, which disabled the truck, court documents state. Fisher left the truck and got into a forklift, which he drove toward an open bay door, police said. He jumped out of the forklift just before it tumbled off the dock, according to charging documents.

Fisher then got back into the truck, police said.

According to Stephenson, no restitution was decided in the case. The prosecutor in the case declined to comment.

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