Crews spent more than half a day fighting fires inside 1,200 corn fodder bales in Chanceford Township, according to a fire officials.

New Bridgeville Fire Chief Ron Witmer said fire officials responded to the scene at Cramer Road near Wise Road  about 1 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 22, and didn't leave the scene until about 6 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 23.

“We were there for 17 hours," he said.

Witmer didn't have a cause for the fires but said it looked as if they started from the inside, because the corn fodder bales burned from the inside out.

Firefighters from all over the county and beyond came to assist, including two companies from Maryland.

“I know there was a lot of equipment, and everybody was utilized," he said.

The chief said the wind was causing problems fighting the fire. At one point, the flames were blowing toward a house.

"Everything was blowing that way," Witmer said. He said fire officials were able to keep the fire from spreading to the home.

Witmer also said there aren't any hydrants in the area of the fire.

"We had to find water supplies," he said, adding that they got water from nearby creeks.

The chief did not have a damage estimate Friday, Nov. 24, but said it didn't look as if it would be too expensive because the fire damaged only the corn fodder bales.

Witmer did not know exactly how many firefighters were helping Wednesday into Thursday but said he would like to thank them for working on the fire.

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