Rain dampens York Halloween Parade

Junior Gonzalez
York Dispatch

At the starting place of the York Halloween Parade on the corner of Richland Avenue and Market Street in York City, there was enough space for anyone to easily get a curbside view of the entire parade.

Attendance was light as forecasters had been predicting rain since last week. However, parade organizers determined the 68th annual event would be rain or shine, so off it went shortly after 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 29.

At first, a light drizzle caused no impact on excited twirlers or wheelie-popping bike riders.

However, about 20 minutes into the parade, pouring rain drew pops of umbrellas and huddles underneath nearby trees.

"There was not too much today," West York resident Tanya Emig said of the selection of marchers.

Emig said she knew it would rain but she wanted to bring daughter Leza, 6, to experience her second-ever outing at the annual Halloween parade.

Throughout the event, Leza waved on marchers, attracting them to her jack-o'-lantern, which was mostly full of candy by the end of the nearly 40-minute parade.

Margaret Luckenbaugh of Hanover said she has attended the York Halloween Parade for more than 24 years but found the event to be much more subdued this year.

"It was rainier, a little shorter," she said, but added the event was "decent."

Tia Luckenbaugh, also of Hanover, said Hanover's parade, held Thursday, Oct. 26, was more eventful and had more selection compared with the York parade.

"This (parade) barely had any floats," she said.

Some area school district marching bands, including Dallastown, withdrew appearances at the parade because of the rainy forecast, likely cutting the parade's two-hour scheduled length.