Police: Ambulance fails to show, woman dies day later

The York Dispatch

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio — A police officer in eastern Ohio says he and a partner drove a barely breathing woman to a hospital after an ambulance crew that said it was coming didn’t show.

LOGO medic

The woman who had suffered a brain aneurysm died the next day at a Pittsburgh hospital.

East Liverpool police officer Jacob Talbott says the 62-year-old woman was found slumped behind the wheel in her SUV on Saturday.

Talbott says two ambulance services said they didn’t have anyone available, and they waited several minutes for a third ambulance that said it was coming.

He says a dispatcher called the third ambulance service back and was told they no longer could make it.

The officer says he’s upset none responded. It’s not clear if the delay impacted the woman’s chances of survival.