Police: Fawn Grove man secretly filmed women, girls having sex with him

  • State police say a Fawn Township man secretly filmed women having sex with him.
  • Police also say Alexander McAvoy threatened to release nude photos of his underage ex-girlfriend.
  • He is expected to be arraigned Tuesday.

A Fawn Grove man faces dozens of charges after police say he secretly filmed women performing sexual acts with him.

State police searched Alexander Joseph McAvoy's computer after he threatened to release nude pictures of his underage girlfriend if she didn't have sex with him

McAvoy, 22, of the 900 block of Main Street, will be charged with dozens of counts, including invasion of privacy, sexual abuse of children, statutory sexual assaults and corruption of minors.


Threats: Early this year, Maryland State Police contacted Pennsylvania State Police stating that McAvoy's ex-girlfriend, whom he had dated more than a year earlier, shared text messages alleging McAvoy threatened to release nude images of her.

His ex-girlfriend was between 15 and 16 years old in the alleged images.

Police reviewed a text message conversation between McAvoy and his ex from December 2016, more than a year after the two had broken up, according to police.

During the exchange, McAvoy reveals he is using another phone to text her because she blocked his old number, documents allege.

In the texts, McAvoy tells her he still has the pictures and videos of her, and when she asked if he was threatening to post them somewhere, police say he responded "maybe."

He then tells her he will send the roughly 20 videos and 15 pictures to her parents, documents allege.

Police say he sent her a picture of a collage of the images on his computer screen. McAvoy texted her saying he could find her parents somehow "to show them," according to police.

Text messages show that he told her he wouldn't show her parents the images if she had sex with him, according to court documents.

Computer: In February, police seized McAvoy's phone and laptop, and police say his phone number matched the one that texted his ex back in December.

While searching his computer, 10 videos of at least seven different women were found, court documents allege.

Police say nine of the videos begin with McAvoy leaving the room shortly after the recording begins. He then enters the room with a woman, charging documents state.

McAvoy and the women recorded are engaged in sexual acts, according to police.

One of the videos shows McAvoy turning the camera on in a way to conceal it from the woman in the room, documents allege.

McAvoy turns off the recording devices either after the women leave the room or in a way that conceals the device, according to police.

The alleged videos were recorded in 2015 and 2016, court documents state.

Police spoke with the multiple victims in the videos, and all of them were unaware they were being recorded, according to charging documents.

One of the victims, 15 at the time, could be seen looking at the computer in the video, documents allege.

Police say in the video she asks if the camera is on, to which McAvoy replies "my charger is on, it's charging."

Charges were filed against McAvoy Thursday, Sept. 28. Reached Thursday, McAvoy's attorney, Chris Ferro, said McAvoy is scheduled to be arraigned on the charges Tuesday, Oct. 3.

Ferro said the two were aware of the charges. His attorney said he is still in the process of reviewing the allegations to determine what the next step is.

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