Lower Windsor man allegedly fires gun during horse dispute

Mark Nail
  • A Lower Windsor man allegedly fired his gun during a horse dispute over the weekend.
  • Police say Mark Nail also threatened to kill the owner of the horse if he came back to his house.
  • Nail, 60, remains in York County Prison in lieu of $5,000 bail.

A Lower Windsor Township man is accused of shooting a gun during a dispute over a horse last week.

Lower Windsor Township police say Mark Michael Nail allowed Bernard Rosado to keep a horse in a barn on Nail's property, and Rosado and two other men were tending to the horse when Nail fired his gun.

Nail, 60, later told an animal control officer that if  Rosado returned, he would shoot him, according to police.

"I am going to shoot him dead," Nail allegedly told the officer.

Nail, of the 100 block of Abels Road, is charged with six counts each of aggravated assault and simple assault, four counts of terroristic threats and three counts of recklessly endangering another person.

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Horse: According to court documents, Rosado had an agreement with Nail that he could keep his horse in Nail's barn as long as Rosado took care of the horse and barn.

Rosado went to the property on Saturday, Sept. 16, and police say he found a locked gate across the driveway.

An officer initially told Rosado it was a civil issue with the horse, and Rosado went on to explain that there was an incident two days prior, on Thursday, Sept. 14, court documents state.

Incident: He said he and two workers went to the barn to tend to the horse, and Nail came out later with what was described as a "black machine gun," documents state.

Nail walked toward the barn and shouted "You better get the f— off my property," and fired numerous rounds into the ground near the driveway, police said.

Nail was drunk, angry and aggressive, according to court documents.

The two workers ran and hid as Rosado stood in the driveway, police said.

Nail then pointed the gun at Rosado and the workers and told them to get off  his property, according to charging documents.

The three left, and Rosado told police about the incident. He said initially he didn't want to pursue charges but has since changed his mind, police said.

Animal control: Charging documents state that an animal control officer was involved with the horse as well. The officer spoke with Nail during several calls that Saturday, according to police.

The animal control officer spoke to Nail, who said Rosado owed him $600, and that Nail was sitting in his driveway with a gun, documents state.

He told her that if Rosado came back, he would shoot him, police said.

The animal control officer began asking about Rosado coming back but was cut off by Nail saying "he is going to be dead," according to charging documents.

Responded to home: Authorities went to the residence and found Nail outside pulling at the horse, documents state.

Police yelled at him for five minutes to unlock the gate, and police say he walked down to the front of his property. He was intoxicated, had slurred speech and could not walk straight, police said.

Nail went to get the key to the gate from his car, and police say the officer hopped over the fence to help Nail get to his car. When the officer got to the car, he saw a loaded pistol in the front seat, which had six bullets in the magazine and one round in the chamber, according to court documents.

Nail was placed under arrest, and he agreed to speak to police without an attorney, documents state.

Talking to police: When speaking with police, Nail admitted to shooting the ground after telling the three to leave his property on Thursday, police said.

He told police he hated the three men and wanted to scare them, documents allege. Nail said he pointed the gun at the men but said he would not shoot them, according to police.

He said Rosado owed him $600, and police say he wanted his money and the three off of his property.

Police say Nail admitted to telling the animal control officer he would shoot Rosado if he came back on the property.

Nail was arraigned on the charges on the morning of Sunday, Sept. 17. He was remanded to York County Prison and released on $5,000 bail. 

It is unclear if he has an attorney.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 27, at District Judge John H. Fishel's office.

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