Colby Mitzel of Wrightsville hopes to break the record for the most balloon animals on display.


A Wrightsville man is looking to break an unusual world record at the York Fair.

Colby Mitzel, 23, is planning to inflate and make more than 1,000 balloon animals at the York Fair on Friday, Sept. 15.

The current world record for largest display of balloon modeling sculptures is 1,000 balloon animals, Mitzel said.

Mitzel is hoping to spend most of the day Friday breaking that record.

"I figured I could break this one — why wouldn't I try?" he said.

Mitzel will be at the agricultural center at 6 a.m. Friday, and he is aiming to break the record in less than 12 hours.

Animals: Mitzel said he's been making balloon animals for a few years now, and he sometimes makes them for charity events.

For Friday, he said he's aiming to make more than 1,000 balloon dogs.

"They're easy to make, fast to make," he said.

He said he thinks he can make about 120 animals an hour. By that number, he'll reach the record in just over eight hours.

“If I can hit the 1,000 mark, I’m good with that," he said.

In preparation, Mitzel purchased 1,500 balloons.

Currently, Mitzel is asking for witnesses for his attempt. He said he needs anyone from local business owners or professionals to police officers or firefighters to watch him for about four hours to attest to the attempt.

He needs a minimum of two people watching for every four-hour shift. Once that is done, they sign a form to prove he didn't cheat.

Mitzel anticipates being at the fair from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m.

Anyone who would like to serve as a witness for Mitzel can reach him at 717-252-2396 or 717-858-9346.

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