York City homicide suspect faces trial

  • A man accused in the homicide of a York City man faces trial.
  • Quayshawn Naylor-Wilson, 20, is charged with homicide.
  • His formal arraignment is scheduled for Sept. 22.

The man accused in the fatal shooting of a York City man last month is facing trial in county court.

During Quayshawn Naylor-Wilson's preliminary hearing Tuesday, Aug. 8, District Judge Joel Toluba found there was enough evidence in the homicide case of 20-year-old Angel Hernandez for it to proceed to the court of common pleas.

According to police, a "disagreement" between Naylor-Wilson and Hernandez led to the shooting after Naylor-Wilson accompanied Hernandez and his friends to a party in the early morning hours of July 16.

Quayshawn Naylor-Wilson

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After they left the party, police say, Naylor-Wilson fired at the group of friends and fatally shot Hernandez.

Hearing: During the hearing, Naylor-Wilson did not have an attorney. When speaking with Toluba, he said he was under the impression he would get a court-appointed attorney and that he did not have to apply for a public defender.

He told Toluba that he did not apply for an attorney until the day before the preliminary hearing.

Naylor-Wilson asked for a continuance in the hearing, but chief deputy prosecutor Dave Maisch objected to the continuance, saying that the case needs to move along.

"The commonwealth is ready to go," he said.

Toluba agreed, and Naylor-Wilson had his hearing without an attorney present. 

Homicide: Police say Hernandez and three of his friends had met Naylor-Wilson when they were heading to the party that morning, and that Naylor-Wilson was with someone they knew named Matthew Bell.

The group asked Bell if he wanted to go to the party, but he declined, and police say Naylor-Wilson left Bell and went with the group to the party. Naylor-Wilson went with Hernandez and his friends to a party on West Philadelphia Street at about 3 a.m. July 16.

The group left the party at about 4 a.m., and police say Naylor-Wilson, who was unknown to the group, yelled out to them, documents state.

The group stopped and and waited while Naylor-Wilson walked up to them, police said.

Naylor-Wilson pointed a handgun at Hernandez and began firing, court documents allege.

During the hearing, the prosecution called upon a witness to testify, who said Naylor-Wilson was about an arms length away from Hernandez during the shooting. 

The witness said Naylor-Wilson fired three times.

The group fled, and police say Naylor-Wilson gave chase, firing at least two more shots.

Hernandez eventually collapsed on a fence near Hartley Street, and the group took him to York Hospital, according to police.

Hernandez died shortly after 6 a.m. following unsuccessful emergency surgery, according to the York County Coroner's Office.

After Naylor-Wilson's arrest, Lt. Troy Bankert, who supervises the York City detective bureau, said that a disagreement led to the fatal shooting, but police did not know what exactly the disagreement was about.


Investigation: Three days after the homicide, investigators re-interviewed two witnesses. As they were driving them home, the witnesses saw someone in the area of West College Avenue and South West Street and simultaneously identified that person as the man who shot Hernandez, police said.

Detectives positioned themselves to watch Naylor-Wilson, and police say he was going back into Bell's residence in the 200 block of South West Street.

Naylor-Wilson was taken into custody by police, and Bell, who had initially told police he didn't know Naylor-Wilson, eventually admitted being with him that night, documents state.

During the hearing, Naylor-Wilson declined to testify and said he wished to first speak to and attorney. His formal arraignment is scheduled for 9 a.m. Sept. 22. He remains in York County Prison without bail.

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