Police: Man 'savagely beat' victim with tire iron

  • Police say a York City man "savagely beat" a man in West York Saturday morning.
  • West York Police say Matthew Hughes, 28, broke into his ex's home and assaulted a man with a tire iron.
  • Hughes has not been arrested as of Monday.

A York City man faces an attempted homicide charge after police say he "savagely beat" a man with a tire iron in West York over the weekend.

West York Police say Matthew Lynn Hughes broke into his ex's home and assaulted a man who was with her, causing injuries.

Matthew Hughes


Hughes, 28, of 721 Vander Ave., faces charges of attempted homicide, aggravated assault, burglary, simple assault and strangulation. 

Online court records indicate that as of Tuesday, Hughes has not been arrested.

Ex's home: Police were sent to the 1800 block of West Philadelphia Street at 5:30 a.m. Saturday for a reported assault.

When police arrived, officers met with the victim, who was "severely battered and bloodied," court documents allege. He had bruises about the head, neck and torso, police said. He immediately identified Hughes as his attacker, police said.

According to charging documents, Hughes entered his ex's home through an unlocked back door. He came to the home because he believed the woman had left him for another man, police said.

Additionally, police say Hughes had threatened his ex a few days before the attack.

Hughes made his way to the second-floor bedroom, where he found his ex sleeping in bed with the victim, documents state. After a brief argument between Hughes and his ex, Hughes lunged at the victim, according to police.

Alleged assault: The man tried to pepper-spray Hughes, but police say that didn't stop him. Hughes threw the man to the ground and began beating him about his head and torso, court documents allege.

Hughes then began to choke the man, police said.

The man reached for a tire iron to defend himself, and police say Hughes snatched it from him and began to "savagely beat" the victim.

The victim broke free from the beating and fled down the hallway, where Hughes pushed the victim down the stairs head first, court documents state.

The man ran to the kitchen while Hughes chased him with the tire iron, police said. The man grabbed two kitchen knives to defend himself and went outside, according to charging documents.

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Hughes lunged at the victim and hit him in the head with the tire iron again, which caused the man to lose consciousness for a brief period, police said.

Other people inside the home locked the doors to keep Hughes out, but he was able to break the back door open with the tire iron, according to documents. When Hughes found out his ex had fled and police were on the way, Hughes fled, charging documents state.

In addition to Hughes' ex and the victim, police say a woman who is eight months pregnant and a 2-week-old infant were inside the home during the assault.

The victim was taken to the hospital and admitted immediately, police said. He required multiple staples to close wounds in his scalp, and his left eye was swollen shut and bruised, documents state.

Additionally, the man had a golf-ball-sized knot on his forehead and marks on his neck from being choked, police said.

He also had multiple bruises on his torso and back that matched the exact shape of a tire iron, documents state.

In addition to Hughes' latest charges, York City Police filed theft and firearm charges against Hughes in April, according to court records. As of Tuesday, he has not been arraigned on either charges.

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